Fernbriar Monkey Be Monkey Do - "Monkey"
(Am/Fin CH Yardican Cardiridge Weli Welho x CH Toshay Elenor Rigby RN NAJ OJP)
Born: June 25, 2008  ("Be" litter)            Breeders:  Diana & Mackenzie Mann  
"Why would you name a dog Monkey"?
Well, because one day, when she was a
small puppy, we took a look at her &
decided that she sort of had a face like a
monkey - & the name stuck.

She has certainly grown into a lovely young
lady, always ready to go meet & greet or
have a little fun.
Fernbriar.  But thanks to the advice of a very wise mentor she stayed so we
could see how she grew up & so far we are very glad she did.   
Monkey inherited Berry's fun-loving, silly side, along with her mom's ability to
manage a situation & boss the rest of the crew.
Kennel Club of Freeborn County, Albert Lea, MN:  
Monkey earns her first points under judge Pat Trotter, earning 1 pt by
going WB, then doubling her winnings by going BOW.   
Monkey also went WB/BOW at the Wright Co KC shows in Hutchinson,
MN under esteemed breeder judge Leah James.
Monkey now has a great forever home with Karen & Bill in Minneapolis.
We enjoyed all the smiles she shared with us while she lived here.
We also appreciate the contributions she made to our breeding
program, namely Quinn & Pacino.
Monkey's show ring experience made her
the perfect partner for Madison Tuma as
she learned the ropes of the Juniors ring.  
It was immediately obvious that Monkey
thought the world of Madison...& vice versa.

Their very first time in the Jrs ring, they
won the class.  In their short time together
(Monkey had to take a leave to have in the
ring, including 2 class wins.
(Houston 2011).