The Anniversary litter
"Rowdy" lives in Michigan, with
his owner Jan.
Cardiridge Fernbriar Milestone "Rowdy"
This litter was a joint venture between
Fernbriar Cardigans & Cardiridge.  They
were born on Diana & Tim's anniversary.
Lizzie lives with the Jodeit family, & we are
so pleased that she was able to find people
who truly appreciate all of her special
talents.  She even has a great
rough-&-tumble playmate in Harley the cat,
as well as another red Cardigan buddy
named River.  
Cardiridge Fernbriar Jubilee "Lizzie"
the Dynamic Duo
Our Webster x Jenna litter only produced 2 boys,
but they truly exhibited the very best in their
parents' personalities, being both sweet &
extremely smart.   Because Boy #1 was so big, thus
causing his mom a c-section, & boy #2 was much
smaller, we decided to call them Penn & Teller.
Captain ( formerly Penn) now lives in IA with
Carmen & John, & 2 Corgi friends - Pandora the
Pembroke & Trunks the Cardigan.   He will also
have to learn to be a buddy to the family's newest
addition - baby Nessa Rose
Dodger (formerly Teller) lives in TN with Cathy.  
Cardigan named Madie.